Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Recap: Summer Favorites

The fall is here and we can't deny it anymore. Today is pretty chilly in NYC, and I'm looking forward to those warm days of Indian summer before the cold weather sets in. It seems absurd to talk about summer at this point but I just want to do a quick recap of my favorite looks this summer.

I attended several weddings, and this outfit was definitely my favorite. This dress with it's retro silhouette and beautiful green floral print made a perfect combination with these bright coral satin pumps. And if I had to choose one dress to define myself - this would be it! (and thanks to Murka for photo bombing this picture)
Outfit details: Dress Asos, Shoes J.Crew Every Satin Pumps, Vintage clutch, J.Crew bracelet

For casual summer days these were my top favorite looks: a breezy top + light skirt, and a maxi dress. I definitely adhered to my own recommendations from this post in the beginning of summer :)  I must add that blue+green combo was my favorite this season. 
Shirt+skirt outfit: Shirt via TjMaxx, Skirt J.Crew, Shoes Sam Edelman via Nordstrom, Necklace Anthropologie, Bag from Nordstrom
Dress outfit: Dress Anthropologie, shoes Steve Madden via TjMaxx

And the last outfit I want to share is from my recent trip to Puerto Rico. This is the only time this skirt made the appearance this summer but it was perfect for wandering around the colorful streets of old San Juan!
Outfit details: T-shirt J.Crew Vintage cotton tee, Skirt Anthropologie, Shoes Sam Edelman, Hat J.Crew, Necklace Kate Spade via TjMaxx, Clutch J.Crew

Pictures by Joe Villarin

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  1. I'm in love with your orange skirt! So perfect for Puerto Rico! All of these outfits are adorable.

    Much love, http://www.myomlife.com/