Sunday, January 12, 2014

In Revolutionary Mode

On November 22nd Ukrainians began a wave of protests opposing the sudden decision of their government to scrap an association agreement with the European Union. On the night of November 30th, an unprecedented in Ukrainian history event took place: riot police greatly outnumbering peaceful protesters, who were mostly students, violently beat and brutalized the crowd under the excuse of clearing the square of Independence (Maidan) to set up the Christmas tree (known as "yolka" from then on). This action served to further increase the momentum of the protest movement Euromaidan, driving huge numbers of people to protest against the corrupt and criminal government that it currently in power in Ukraine.

I've been completely absorbed by EuroMaidan since the very beginning. It has completely changed the fabric of Ukrainian society, as well as Ukrainians around the world, myself included. We have become witnesses to a very important historic change in Ukraine. I couldn't just be the observer. Neither could I drop everything and go to Ukraine. I decided to work here, in NYC, and do my best with spreading the information, getting attention of the American government, helping with translations, participating in protests, and now contributing to a long-term strategy to help bring Ukraine closer to Europe and the rest of the free world.

EuroMaidan has consumed a lot of my life. And I see it as my moral obligation to do everything I can here to support and help my fellow countrymen standing in frigid temperatures at Maidan. That's the reason why this blog has been neglected, and I miss it dearly! I'm planning to return to posting regularly within the next couple of weeks, so allow me to thank you all for your patience - and I look forward to sharing new treasures with you soon!

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Photo via Batkivschyna