Monday, September 9, 2013

Puerto Rico Love

I'm back from my little trip to Puerto Rico over Labor Day weekend, where we attended a wonderful and most fun wedding! Sorry for the lack of posts but right after my return I had to jump back into research and last minute preparations for the Genetics department annual retreat, which ended this Saturday. I'm happy to report that I have picked out new stylish scientists for the future posts there in addition to listening to a full day and a half of super interesting science talks, presenting a poster of my research and having fun with fellow students and professors.

Back to Puerto Rico - this getaway was so necessary, relaxing, and just wonderful. It was my very first trip to the Caribbean, and I'm in love! We spent early mornings walking on the beach, doing yoga, swimming, relaxing all day long, reading, enjoying internet-free time and just staring at the sea. We took a short trip to Old San Juan to attend the beautiful cathedral mass on Sunday - and I'm telling you that this city is adorable! Narrow streets, colorful buildings, peaceful places - I would love to return and wonder around a bit more. And another note that I'd like to make: people of Puerto Rico know how to party! Every night everybody was out: from young to old, dancing salsa like they are pros. We did tons of fun dancing at the wedding as well: the DJ was so good and the music was even better - I couldn't stop for a minute!  Thanks to Catherine and Adam for having their wedding in Puerto Rico - it was truly an unforgettable and special experience!

In general I'm a fan of an active vacation but these couple of days in Puerto Rico were so relaxing for me that I'm adding this type of lazy vacation to my annual must-have. I didn't even take that many photos but I'm delighted to share with you some that I did take. I hope they will make you relaxed even if just for a minute ;)

All pictures are taken by Joe and me. 

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