Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hidden Garden Brunch

One of the favorite traditions of New Yorkers is to go out to brunch on the weekend, and the city surely doesn't disappoint in the selection of brunch spots it has to offer. With that said, this past weekend Joe and I ended up in the East Village for church and decided to find a brunch place afterwards. This sunny and quiet Sunday morning made me crave a place with a garden to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. And how lucky we were when we stumbled upon the little cute and hidden garden of the Standard (hotel near Astor place)!

The garden was basically empty but very charming with its potted plants, colorful tables, chairs, and sofas. I was a bit in disbelief that we could randomly find such a perfect spot for our meal! We ordered some simple brunch food like lattes, eggs + baked potatoes, and pancakes. And let me tell you: all of the food was extremely flavorful and delicious. We will definitely be back to the Standard, because it's not your standard brunch spot! ;)

Photos by me.
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