Thursday, April 11, 2013

Girl crush

Let me introduce you to three sophisticated, creative, smart and beautiful ladies, that inspire me with their style. Make sure to check out more of their images either by "google-ing" their names, visiting their web-sites or following them on instagram - you will not be disappointed.

Miroslava Duma
She's a beautiful and brilliant Russian "it" girl. And more importantly, Mira is the founder of buro24/7 web-site (Russian fashion and art reporting media outlet), digital media director in the luxury store TZUM Moscow, and a "happy mum" as she states on her instagram account. Honestly, I can't get enough of her outfits and I'm very inspired by her hard-working nature.
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Nicole Warne (also known as Gary Pepper girl)
Have you checked out this Australian girl's blog? It is full of absolutely gorgeous pictures, bright colors, amazing places, beautiful outfits. Every picture (most are made by her boyfriend) is absolutely stunning! In addition Nicole owns an online store of high-quality vintage clothing (Gary Pepper Vintage).

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Ulyana Sergeenko
A very talented Russian designer, who from the get-go is producing amazing couture pieces. Ulyana's designs are based on her personal style: she doesn't follow trends, rather she uses inspirations from her native Russia to create culturally-inspired pieces (which I love!). Take a look at Ulyana's spring 2013 look book here.

Image Via: Vanessa Jackman
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What are your modern style icons? I would love to hear!

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